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Special request of everyone reading this page:
Please vote for Spay and Save on Facebook so our cats and dogs can be granted funds from the Petco Foundation. Go now to the link http://bit.ly/HWVote, login if prompted, scroll down to the Spay and Save photo of the black dog. Click on the little bubble to the left of that photo, then scroll to the very bottom and click the green Submit button. THANK YOU!! Every vote matters!

Spay and Save, Inc. is a non-profit organization devoted to general animal welfare and education.
Our network of volunteers strives to help good people adopt healthy pets.
There is no mandatory adoption fee with our organization, but donations in any amount are always welcome.

All donations made to Spay and Save, Inc. are 100% tax deductible.

Every penny of your monetary donations go directly to veterinary services as well as food and supplies for our foster pets awaiting their forever home. For more information about making donations, please follow this link:

**Please consider adopting one of our furry friends into your home.**
*Their only wish is a place to call home and someone to love them furever.*

Spay and Save is currently in need of Volunteers, Foster Homes, Barn Homes and Animals Transporters!!
Click here to be a Volunteer!

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