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Please carefully read below.

We are a non-profit organization; therefore this discount certificate is ONLY for people who are in need of financial help. Please understand that our organization is run 100% by donations. For every person that takes advantage of this discount certificate out of dishonesty; you are taking away from our organization and animals that are truly in need. Spay and Save, Inc. discount certificates are designed for those pet owners or rescuers who need financial assistance to spay or neuter domestic or feral animals. To avoid abuse of the program we ask that you fill out this application and submit it to Spay and Save, Inc. The great veterinarians who participate in the Spay and Save, Inc. discount program personally donate their services. These veterinarians do not receive any additional compensation from  Spay and Save, Inc. What you pay the veterinarian at the time produce the discount certificate is the total payment the veterinarian receives. It is the veterinarian, who is giving you the discount, not Spay and Save, Inc. Often the veterinarian loses money in accepting the Spay and Save, Inc. discount certificate because he or she has to pay for the anesthesia, the suture pack, sterilization of instruments, the salaries of assistants and other incidental costs. Therefore, we ask that you remember the veterinarian who accepted the certificate and that you patronize that veterinarian in the future. We also ask that you tell other animal lovers about that particular veterinarian. The above applies to other discount programs as well (Spayed Club, Friends of Animals , etc.).  Consequently, it is the responsibility of Spay and Save, Inc. to make sure these discount certificates are issued ONLY TO THOSE WHO ARE IN NEED.


FIRST review the list for a participating vet. List of Local Veterinarians

SECOND Check the List of Local Veterinarians for their prices and services that are offered with the discount.

THIRD once you submit application below, and once you have the certificate, call the veterinarian to confirm their current prices.

Complete and submit the application below to be considered for a discount certificate.


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