Cats Available for Adoption

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SexDeclawedCan be seen at
Namesort iconSexBreed & MarkingsDeclawedDate of Birth
Lady_Grey_cat.PNGLady GreyFemaleDSH, Russian Blue typeNo2 years 29 weeks ago
Latte.jpgLatteFemaleDSH, brown/ grey tabby with whiteNo12 weeks 4 days ago
Lotus_1.jpgLotusFemaleDSH/dilute TortiNo3 years 29 weeks ago
Maddie.JPGMaddieFemaleDSH Gray Tabby with great markingsNo2 years 49 weeks ago
Manny.JPGMannyMaleDSH, solid greyNo7 years 17 weeks ago
MikeMaleDSH, grey and white tabby (lighter colored than Ike)No10 weeks 2 days ago
005.JPGMiltonMaleDSH, black and white markingsNo12 weeks 5 days ago
Mittens2.jpgMittensFemaleDSH, black and whiteNo47 weeks 1 day ago
Mommy_Mindy_02.JPGMommy MindyFemaleDSH, dark grey and whiteNo45 weeks 4 days ago
028.JPGMystiqueFemaleDSH, black with white markingsNo2 years 15 weeks ago
Onyx.jpgOnyxFemaleDSH, black and whiteNo38 weeks 3 days ago
Phoenix.JPGPhoenixMaleDSH PolydactylNo21 weeks 2 days ago
006.JPGPhyllisFemaleDSH, grey and whiteNo1 year 13 weeks ago
Precious.JPGPreciousFemaleDSH, Dark CalicoNo4 years 5 weeks ago
Prince_Harry.JPGPrince HarryMaleDSH, grey/blue and whiteNo1 year 18 weeks ago
106757-3big.JPGPrincess & TiggerMixedDSH, orange&white and DSH brown tabbyNo7 years 22 weeks ago
Rhonda_at_KoP.PNGRhondaFemaleDSH, TortiNo12 weeks 5 days ago
Ricky_KofP.PNGRickyMaleDSH, black and whiteNo12 weeks 5 days ago
RitaFemaleDSH, grey tabbyNo12 weeks 5 days ago
RuddyMaleDSH, red tabbyNo12 weeks 5 days ago