Cats Available for Adoption

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SexDeclawedCan be seen at
Namesort iconSexBreed & MarkingsDeclawedDate of Birth
photo_1.JPGJack and WillMaleDSH, brown tabbyNo19 weeks 4 hours ago
Jake_1.JPGJakeMaleDSH, brown striped tabbyNo2 years 4 weeks ago
Jason.JPGJasonMaleDSH, all blackNo17 weeks 4 days ago
Jelly BeanFemaleDSH, white and grey tabbyNo9 years 39 weeks ago
JeniFemaleDSH, Calico organge/ white/ blackNo19 weeks 1 day ago
image.jpgJeri, Jess, and JonMaleDSH, white and black/ charcoalNo14 weeks 6 days ago
Jo-Jo_Potato_01.JPGJo-Jo PotatoFemaleDSH, grey and whiteNo3 years 22 weeks ago
IMG_0058.JPGKarenFemaleDSH, brown tabbyNo19 weeks 4 hours ago
107213-2big.JPGKimmyFemaleDSH, Russian blue mixYes8 years 6 weeks ago
Lady_Grey_cat.PNGLady GreyFemaleDSH, Russian Blue typeNo2 years 39 weeks ago
Lotus_1.jpgLotusFemaleDSH/dilute TortiNo3 years 39 weeks ago
MaddiFemaleDSH, blackNo34 weeks 5 days ago
Maddie.JPGMaddieFemaleDSH Gray Tabby with great markingsNo3 years 6 weeks ago
Manny.JPGMannyMaleDSH, solid greyNo7 years 26 weeks ago
MaxMaleDSH, grey and white tabbyNo16 weeks 4 days ago
Milton.JPGMiltonMaleDSH, black and white markingsNo22 weeks 1 day ago
Mommy_Mindy_02.JPGMommy MindyFemaleDSH, dark grey and whiteNo1 year 2 weeks ago
Mr_Blue.PNGMr. BlueMaleflame point Siamese mixNo3 years 9 weeks ago
028.JPGMystiqueFemaleDSH, black with white markingsNo2 years 25 weeks ago
Phoenix.jpgPhoenixMaleDLH, orange and whiteNo2 years 3 weeks ago