Cats Available for Adoption

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SexDeclawedCan be seen at
NameSexBreed & MarkingsDeclawedDate of Birthsort icon
028.JPGMystiqueFemaleDSH, black with white markingsNo2 years 20 weeks ago
Cindy_01.JPGCindyFemaleDSH, blackNo2 years 4 weeks ago
20140731_115656-1.jpgRoger and PeepersMixedDSH, white and black; and tabbyNo2 years 4 weeks ago
Jake_1.JPGJakeMaleDSH, brown striped tabbyNo2 years 2 days ago
photo_3.JPGIrisFemaleSiamese mix with light blue eyesNo1 year 46 weeks ago
IMG_0023.JPGCoraFemaleDSH, dilute tortoiseshellNo1 year 34 weeks ago
013.JPGHoneyFemaleRussian blueNo1 year 27 weeks ago
005.JPGTeddyMaleDSH, all blackNo1 year 24 weeks ago
006.JPGPhyllisFemaleDSH, grey and whiteNo1 year 19 weeks ago
Elsa2.JPGElsaFemaleDSH, brown tabbyNo1 year 18 weeks ago
02_Shellie.jpegShellieFemaleDSH, CalicoNo1 year 17 weeks ago
Fuzzy16_-_1.pngFuzzyFemalePersian MixNo1 year 17 weeks ago
Mittens_02.JPGMittensFemaleDSH, black and whiteNo1 year 2 days ago
Mommy_Mindy_02.JPGMommy MindyFemaleDSH, dark grey and whiteNo50 weeks 6 days ago
Dapper_Dan.jpgDapper DanMaleDSH, white with orangeNo43 weeks 5 days ago
Judys_Calico.jpgAshleyFemaleDSH, Calico organge/ white/ blackNo42 weeks 2 days ago
Bianca.jpgBiancaFemaleDSH, all whiteNo34 weeks 6 days ago
MaddiFemaleDSH, blackNo30 weeks 3 days ago
Hemi.JPGHemiMaleDSH PolydactylNo26 weeks 3 days ago
Phoenix.JPGPhoenixMaleDSH PolydactylNo26 weeks 3 days ago