Cats Available for Adoption

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SexDeclawedCan be seen at
NameSexBreed & MarkingsDeclawedDate of Birthsort icon
Tea_Cup_cat.PNGTea CupFemaleDSH, grey tabbyNo2 years 37 weeks ago
Ava_photo.PNGAvaFemaleDSH, grey/ black muted tabbyYes2 years 30 weeks ago
028.JPGMystiqueFemaleDSH, black with white markingsNo2 years 23 weeks ago
Cindy_01.JPGCindyFemaleDSH, blackNo2 years 7 weeks ago
image.jpgPretty PrincessFemaleDLH, Black/ white markingsNo2 years 7 weeks ago
20140731_115656-1.jpgRoger and PeepersMixedDSH, white and black; and tabbyNo2 years 7 weeks ago
Jake_1.JPGJakeMaleDSH, brown striped tabbyNo2 years 2 weeks ago
Phoenix.jpgPhoenixMaleDLH, orange and whiteNo2 years 1 week ago
photo_3.JPGIrisFemaleSiamese mix with light blue eyesNo1 year 49 weeks ago
IMG_0023.JPGCoraFemaleDSH, dilute tortoiseshellNo1 year 37 weeks ago
013.JPGHoneyFemaleRussian blueNo1 year 29 weeks ago
006.JPGPhyllisFemaleDSH, grey and whiteNo1 year 21 weeks ago
Fuzzy16_-_1.pngFuzzyFemalePersian MixNo1 year 19 weeks ago
Mommy_Mindy_02.JPGMommy MindyFemaleDSH, dark grey and whiteNo1 year 1 week ago
Dapper_Dan.jpgDapper DanMaleDSH, white with orangeNo46 weeks 23 hours ago
Judys_Calico.jpgAshleyFemaleDSH, Calico organge/ white/ blackNo44 weeks 5 days ago
Bianca.jpgBiancaFemaleDSH, all whiteNo37 weeks 2 days ago
MaddiFemaleDSH, blackNo32 weeks 6 days ago
Hemi.JPGHemiMaleDSH PolydactylNo28 weeks 6 days ago
Phoenix.JPGPhoenixMaleDSH PolydactylNo28 weeks 6 days ago