Cats Available for Adoption

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SexDeclawedCan be seen at
NameSexsort iconBreed & MarkingsDeclawedDate of Birth
Precious.JPGPreciousFemaleDSH, Dark CalicoNo4 years 9 weeks ago
Florida_Sweetheart.jpegFlorida SweetheartFemaleDLH, dilute tortiYes13 years 8 weeks ago
Rhonda_at_KoP.PNGRhondaFemaleDSH, TortiNo16 weeks 3 days ago
01_Samie_Samantha.jpegSamieFemaleDSH, black and whiteNo20 weeks 4 days ago
RitaFemaleDSH, grey tabbyNo16 weeks 3 days ago
Mittens_02.JPGMittensFemaleDSH, black and whiteNo50 weeks 6 days ago
02_Shellie.jpegShellieFemaleDSH, CalicoNo1 year 16 weeks ago
Cindy_01.JPGCindyFemaleDSH, blackNo2 years 3 weeks ago
Wandajpet.jpgWandaFemaleDSH Brown TabbyNo25 weeks 10 hours ago
Zoe002.jpgZoeFemaleDSH, brown striped tabbyNo20 weeks 4 days ago
image.jpgSofiaFemaleDSH, dilute tortoiseshellNo20 weeks 4 days ago
Francine_1.JPGFrancineFemaleShort-haired, Lilac Point siamese mixNo12 weeks 11 hours ago
Emma_Shelby_Trixie.jpgSusan KittensFemaleDSHNo24 weeks 5 days ago
Amber_01.PNGAmberFemaleDSH, Calico, orange/ black/ whiteNo18 weeks 1 day ago
photo_4.JPGBridgitFemaleDomestic medium hair kittenNo7 weeks 4 days ago
107213-2big.JPGKimmyFemaleDSH, Russian blue mixYes8 years 5 days ago
107223-2big.JPGPreciousFemaleDSH, Calico orange/ white/ blackYes10 years 5 days ago
JeniFemaleDSH, Calico organge/ white/ blackNo13 weeks 3 days ago
DaniFemaleDSH, black and whiteNo2 days 11 hours ago
Homer_01.jpgHomerMaleDSH, All grey tabby with green eyesNo2 years 42 weeks ago