Cats Available for Adoption

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SexDeclawedCan be seen at
NameSexsort iconBreed & MarkingsDeclawedDate of Birth
016.JPGSydneyFemaleDSH, brown and black tabbyYes1 year 1 week ago
Florida_Sweetheart.jpegFlorida SweetheartFemaleDLH, dilute tortiYes13 years 1 week ago
Rhonda_at_KoP.PNGRhondaFemaleDSH, CalicoNo14 weeks 3 days ago
Sapphire.PNGSapphireFemaleSiamese Chocolate PointNo14 weeks 3 days ago
SamieFemaleDSH, black and whiteNo10 weeks 1 day ago
blind_kitty_2.JPGBarrettFemaleDSH, muted grey tabbyYes5 years 3 weeks ago
Kody.jpgKodyMaleDSH Red ticked tabby / slight Abyssinian mix ruddy coloredNo1 year 6 weeks ago
Homer_01.jpgHomerMaleDSH, All grey tabby with green eyesNo2 years 36 weeks ago
Prince_Harry.JPGPrince HarryMaleDSH, grey/blue and whiteNo1 year 15 weeks ago
005.JPGTeddyMaleDSH, all blackNo1 year 16 weeks ago
Manny.JPGMannyMaleDSH, solid greyNo6 years 14 weeks ago
Tomas.JPGTomasMaleDSH, brown striped tabbyNo1 year 11 weeks ago
Butters_01.JPGButtersMaleDSH, red tabby/ whiteNo34 weeks 6 days ago
image.jpgHemiMaleDSH PolydactylNo18 weeks 6 days ago
image.jpgPhoenixMaleDSH PolydactylNo18 weeks 6 days ago
Maximus.PNGMaximusMaleDSH, Black and whiteYes3 years 5 weeks ago
DonovanMaleDSH, black and white10 years 27 weeks ago
IMG_4530_face.jpgBruceMalegray and white DSHNo25 weeks 1 day ago
photo.JPGTimieMaleDSH, orange striped tabbyNo6 weeks 3 days ago
photo.JPGTomieMaleDSH, blackNo6 weeks 3 days ago