Success Stories

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Primary Image My Story
Jade I waited a long time to find my new home and my Dad is perfect. We go for daily walks and I have even lost a few pounds and feel great.
Kringles NOW Maximus I am loving my new life. I have really come around and love purring and loving on my new owners both two legged and four legged. They had recently lost their feline family member so I am also helping heal their hearts. I have really won over my canine brother so much so that he even shares his bed with me. Thank you for finding my perfect family.
Sasha now Butttercup My Mom Is the best. She takes me for walks and loves me very much!
Darren Now Bowie I used to live outside in a cage and it was so cold in the winter and hot in the summer but now I live in a nice house and spend a lot of time relaxing on a very big couch with my 4 legged dog brother and 2 cats. I love going jogging with my Mom and Dad. I love my life now.
Lucas I love my new mom soooooooooooooooooooooooo much. Thank you for picking me.
Corbin Cooper wasn't sure he wanted another dog in the house to share his families love but now we are best friends and love running around our huge fenced yard. I love to cuddle at night and watch football with Dad.
Callie It was scary leaving my brother Corbin when I got adopted but I have a great family and I follow my Mom around all day.
Nina My foster Mom and Dad loved me so much they adopted me. Even though I have short legs I am a great jogger and my Mom even taught me to run on a treadmill. What talent I have.
Crystal Crystal came to us because her owners could no longer care for her. Well, Crystal is now living it up with her new canine brother Charlie. As you can see from this picture, there isn't much truth to the fighting like cats and dogs theory. *Previous Story: SWEET LOVING WHITE/DARK TABBY MARKINGS FEMALE SPAYED APPROXIMATELY 1 YEAR. VERY GENTLE AND LOVING WITH PEOPLE AND CHILDREN AND RAISED WITH A LARGE DOG.  SEEMS GOOD WITH OTHER KITTIES.  OWNERS COULD NOT CARE FOR HER.  WILL YOU GIVE HER A FOREVER HOME WHERE SHE WILL ALWAYS BE CARED FOR?  
Lydia NOW Sylvie Thank you for all the amazing work you do in your rescue. She's a treasure & we are delighted to have this girl in our family. She is doing great. Such a snuggle bug. Comes to life at 8pm & greets us on the stairs every morning as she's very enthusiastic about breakfast. <3 *Previous Story: Such a sweet girl, such hard beginnings on the streets of West Philly; only one of her babies survived, and because of a Spay and Save volunteer, so did Lydia. Likes people and to be petted. Likes wet food and dry food.