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Gina Gina.jpg My name is Gina and I came up from Georgia from a high kill shelter. I don't know how I ended up there because I am just sooo cute. My foster mom Jean just fell in love with me and couldn't let me go. I am the luckiest girl.
Rosie Rosie black lab sitting.jpg Rosie a 9 month old(born Dec. 2008) female black labrador retriever has been in her new home for a few weeks now. She follows her mom around all day long and loves going for those long, long walks with her dad. The fenced yard is the best to run around in with my 2 legged brothers who love me so much. Her new family tells us that it feels like she has been here forever. She fits in perfectly.
Fred & Ginger MistyFredGinger_1.JPG Fred and Ginger had no trouble making their way into my husband's heart but they had to be accepted by our other three Spay and Save cats, Tiger, Mittens and Misty. Misty, about 3 years old, was fascinated by these two newcomers. Eventually, she joined in their play and has become best friends with them.Misty plays with them, wrestles with them and then washes them.I don’t think that the other two cats, Tiger (adopted about 10 years ago) and Mittens (adopted about 4 years ago), will ever be as friendly to the newcomers as Misty is but they have learned to put up with them and their antics.
Allie Allie standing face 2.jpg I was just adopted and I am so happy. My family loves me so much already. I have another dog to play with and a fenced yard to run around in. My new family took me shopping to Petco and I got a new bed and new toys. I thank Diane who found me and gave me to Spay and Save so they could find me a wonderful new home.
Mika mika.jpg Mika was abandoned in an apt when her owners were evicted. Her new family absolutely loves her, even their resident cat Arthur.
Peanut Peanut1_sml.jpg Just wanted to send you a few pictures of little Peanut and let you know that she is doing great. She was spayed a couple of weeks ago and also had a small cyst the size of a pea removed from the underside of her tongue, which luckily had no bad cells. She got all fixed up and recuperated amazingly fast. She finally put on a pound and her fur has filled in nicely too. She's very affectionate, loves lots of attention and loves to play and run. She's now learning basic commands and is doing very well. She is such a joy to us, so thank you again for bringing us together!