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Bruno My new mom and dad love me very much. I love playing with my older sister Sassy in our fenced yard. As long as I stay away from the Valentines Candy(I thought is was for me) everything should be fine. Thank you for adopting me.
Reeses (now Chelsey) Chelsey's family writes, " I wanted to let you know that Chelsy (AKA Reeses) is doing great and gets along well with the whole family, including our golden retriever, Remy. We're really enjoying having her in our family. She's right here with me on top of my desk now! Thank you Spay and Save! "
Sadie Sadie a female Siberian Husky(born 8/01/08) waited a long time for the perfect family and finally found it. Her mom and dad loved her instantly. She has 2 other dogs to play with in her fenced yard and just loves being part of the pack. Thank you so much for adopting me.
Barkley (formerly Jimmy) Life is so good at my house. I love lounging around on the bed, looking out the window, and riding in the car with my mom and dad who love me so much!
Sherman I wanted to update you on Sherman. He's been accident free (no poops or pees inside) for a solid month now. He has become a pleasure to walk on leash. He can entertain himself by running around the outside of the house at break neck speeds. He has learned sit, down, wait, stay, bed, drop it, give it, off and no!. He has been pretty good on recall even at the dog park. I thought you would enjoy the attached pictures of him at the dog park. We are really happy to have him as part of our family. Kindest regards, Gary and Ellen
Sergio Sergio's mom writes: "He is a delight to have here, and he is starting to let his personality show, he is quite a character. Every day he seems to find a new interest, and he is getting braver around the other boys, to the point of approaching them to groom or lie next to them. Everyone seems to be getting along. I cannot believe how smoothly this transition has gone! I can't tell you how much I adore this kitty. We're all in love and happier everyday that Sergio is here to stay. Thanks again to you and to Spay and Save for saving such a sweet, sweet boy."
Max I'm in my new home and love my new family. Jeff takes me for runs everynight. Even though I have short legs, I am fast. I go to the shore every weekend with my new mom and dad and my brother Pugsy. The shore is the best because I love the sun. Thank you Spay and Save. Woof
Star Someone found me soaked wet from one of the storms in Collegeville. I am easy going young boy and LOVE to play! I also love to get petted and scratched under my neck. Sometimes I don't want to be put down after you pick me up. I am not sure about cats but I seem to get along with friendly dogs better. A home with OLDER children would be preferred. My foster mom would like for you to keep in touch with her so she'd know how I am doing. She must loves me this much.
Zub I have been in my new home for about a month now and love it. I thought I was big but I have a bigger brother named Riot who is an Alaskan Malamute. It took both of us a little while to get used to each other because we were both spoiled only children. Thank you Mom and Dad for adopting 2 rescue dogs.
Molly Molly has been in her new home for 3 months now, and she is as happy as can be. She is receiving lots of love and is having a fun time with her new big brother, Mac, who looks just like her! The pictures above are from the day she was adopted when she was already making herself comfortable and exploring her new home.