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Primary Image My Story
Duncan now Peanut IMG_7441.jpg I've had a rough life so far but now I'm finally in my forever home. I'm so lucky that an awesome Spay & Save volunteer opened her heart to me and is giving me all the love and patience that I need. I'm also so happy to be in a home with other dogs, who I love to sleep next to and play with. I'm living the good life now!
Sabrina now Peppa Scooby74.jpg I love my new family - I get lots of love, and I even have a little two-legged brother to play with. He named me Peppa which suits me very well. I love going on walks and playing in my big backyard. Life is so much fun!
Tucker IMG_4716.JPG I am having such a great time in my new home! I love exploring in my backyard, going on walks, and of course, cuddling. My mom and dad are the best and they give me so much love. I couldn't ask for a better home.
Tripod now Tres 936165_598023130210625_768533956_n.jpg Tres is doing absolutely wonderful. When he runs around and plays, you would never know that he only has 3 legs. It isn't until he walks that you notice something is a little off. We absolutely love him and are so glad he became part of our family. <3
Bennie Benjamins_New_Coat.jpg I am in my new home with another min pin like me but I have the biggest 4 legged friends. They are shepherds who do search and rescue so I am not afraid of getting lost again, I know they can find me.
Caroline now Maisy ddddaa.jpg I get so much love in my new home, and have so many people who take care of me. I also have a big backyard and a four-legged brother who is just as nice and laidback as me. I love it here!
Rudy IMG_5446.jpg I'm so lucky to be in my new home! I have a four-legged brother named Bailey who was also adopted from Spay & Save. We love to play together and are just like brothers. I also get so much love from my family. I'm a happy boy!
Blizzard 130314_0001.jpg Look at me Now!!!! A few months back my blind declawed self was found bumping into trees and crying for help during a snow storm. Thank goodness a wonderful Spay and Save volunteer spotted me and brought me in out of the snow. I was in pretty bad shape, but as you can see from my life is wonderful now. With some grooming and a new loving home, I am quite content and feel like this is where I was meant to be. But, I couldn't have done it without the wonderful people at Spay and Save. Thank you to all of your volunteers...They literally saved whats left of my 9 lives. <3
Isis Isis_standing.jpg I had a rough start in my new home but my new parents were so patient with me and I love them so much for that. Thanks Jen ( a Spay and Save volunteer) who came to visit me and gave my new parents suggestions on how to help me adjust.
Annabelle now Mia sa.jpg I love my new name. My mom loves me very much and said that I am a wonderful gift. I couldn't be happier,