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Kittens: Benny, Bailey & Bradley How do Michael and Christina A. add up joy? How about 3 + 1 + 3. Michael and Christina were looking for a kitten to adopt into their current family of three 9-year-old triplets and 3-year-old daughter. After filling out an application online and being interviewed and approved, they happen to get a reminder of an upcoming Spay and Save adoption day event at Exton Petco. As it turns out, lo and behold, there are three darling sibling kittens at the event ready for their forever home. The trio was irresistible to the family and they decided to adopted all three kittens! "Thank you Spay and Save for connecting us with our dream kitties! Benny, Bailey & Bradley are the best!" wrote Michael and Christina in an email with the happy group photo attached. Pictured are: Alexandra, Samantha, & Christopher (9 year old triplets) and Emily (3 years), with their treasured kittens.
Opal NOW Pixie Pixie is a total sweetheart! She's very shy but I did what you said and she is beginning to let me pet her. I introduced her to my other cat Blaze, at first they didn't go near each other but within about 20 minutes they were the best of friends! I would like to thank you for everything you have done, and I would like you to know that Pixie is in very good care with a family who loves her a lot.
Merry & PiPi We are so happy in our new home. We love being together and we are so happy they we are finally getting the good life. The wonderful life that every fuzzy should have. Thank you so much to Spay and Save for not only taking us in, but for finding us our happily furrever after.
Gucci NOW Molly Gucci_2.jpg I have a new name to go with my new Mom who loves me sooooo much and I know I have found my furever home..
Brownie NOW Rex Brownie_forward_inside.JPG Rex's family think he is fabulous. He gets to go for walks everyday and couldn't be a happier guy.
Lily Lily_facing_sideways.jpg Lily is finally in a loving home and getting all the attention she deserves. She is happy when she is playing in the yard with all her other 4 legged sisters and brothers.
Oliver Oliver_jrt_sitting.jpg I am in my new home with my 2 new mommies who love me very much. I have already been to Cape Cod to our house their for a month. I am one lucky puppy.
Chester NOW Leo Chester_groomed_4.jpg My new mom and dad says that I fit perfectly in the family and I just love all the attention I get.
Joey Joey2.jpg My new mom and dad saw me when I walked with the other Spay and Save dogs in the Conshohocken St. Patrick's Day parade.
ChiChi Chi_chi_groomed_inside_1.JPG I am so lucky to have a mom who loves me as much as my mom does and a nice fenced yard to play in