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Mia & Mugsy Mia and Mugsy lived together for a long time and we did not want to separate them now. We waited for a family that wanted to love both of them and we found it. Mia and Mugsy continue to be best buds.
Mack I'm a very active boy who needed to learn some manners so it took a while to find the right family for me and my new Dad is perfect. He hired a trainer and takes me on long walks and lets me run and I couldn't be happier.
Crystal Crystal came to us because her owners could no longer care for her. Well, Crystal is now living it up with her new canine brother Charlie. As you can see from this picture, there isn't much truth to the fighting like cats and dogs theory. *Previous Story: SWEET LOVING WHITE/DARK TABBY MARKINGS FEMALE SPAYED APPROXIMATELY 1 YEAR. VERY GENTLE AND LOVING WITH PEOPLE AND CHILDREN AND RAISED WITH A LARGE DOG.  SEEMS GOOD WITH OTHER KITTIES.  OWNERS COULD NOT CARE FOR HER.  WILL YOU GIVE HER A FOREVER HOME WHERE SHE WILL ALWAYS BE CARED FOR?  
Dexter Now Decker I love exploring my new fenced yard and there is a nature preserve next to my house with miles of trails that my Mom and I explore. Life couldn't be better.
Big Red Thank you so much, he is the sweetest kitty! He is so chill for being so young and he is settling in well. I attached a picture of him hanging out w/ my husband and dog.
Chase As you can see from the 2nd photo, Chase is living the life surrounded by more toys and strings than one cat could ever need. Previous Story: So full of love to give! Energetic and vocal, Chase would love to have a home with kids and does not mind other pets. Chase was not wanted from his home in West Philly, but is now looking for that forever home where he will be cherished all of his days.
Q. T. (formerly Q) Q. T., formerly known as Q, was adopted by horse farm owners. Here is what her new family writes: "... Q was supposed to be a barn cat. As you see, she has adjusted quite nicely...INDOORS! She is a joy to have and we are glad to have been able to rescue her. She turned out to be a Korat (Thailand) Mix... not so prominent in the US; she has all the traits they say a Korat Cat should have [...] they are a one-owner type breed. We just wanted to pass along a success story for adoptions! Thanks Again!"
Reds Now Ruby Reds was renamed Ruby and boy has she been living the life. She went from a home that no longer wanted her to a home that doesn't know what they would do without her. ❤️ She was a senior when her owners gave her up for a new model, but her new owners knew there was still plenty of love left in her. *Previous Story: Reds was turned into a shelter when she wasn't little, cute and fuzzy anymore. Her owners decided they wanted a young kitten again, and put her up for adoption. Spay & Save pulled her out of a shelter and gave her a foster home, but she would really prefer having her own instead. She is wonderful with people and other pets, fully vetted and is ready for her own - this time forever - family!
Kringles NOW Maximus I am loving my new life. I have really come around and love purring and loving on my new owners both two legged and four legged. They had recently lost their feline family member so I am also helping heal their hearts. I have really won over my canine brother so much so that he even shares his bed with me. Thank you for finding my perfect family.
Sasha now Butttercup My Mom Is the best. She takes me for walks and loves me very much!