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Delia 145_6665.jpg My new name is VIOLET and I think it is as pretty as me. I also live right across the street from my foster mom. I am sooooooooooo lucky.
Louie louie_sitting_cutest.JPG I love my new dad and follow my mom everywhere. I am a happy boy.
Mailani mailani_3.png She is doing fabulous..fitting in nicely with our tabby diesel. We named her Meilani (pronounced may-lani). Here are a few pictures of the 2 of them! We love her to pieces and she's so fun to have around! Mailani was adopted from the Exton Petco on 7/12/2014 by Brittany and Kyle from Downingtown.
Nayla now Nellie Nelly.jpg Nayla is turning into the little mischievous maker …her favorite thing is to hide in the bathtub..and when you go by she taps you on the leg and then ducks back behind the curtain AND she wants EVERYONE to pet her. When visiting nurses come in to take care of my mom. She has to climb inside their bags. And when they put down their tablets..she has to lie on it. She also starts nudging her head against your leg if you don’t acknowledge her when she comes in the room. And she likes rubbing her head against my brother dogs paws. I could not understand why she kept doing this. Max thought she was trying to go by him while he was sleeping. It turns out she wanted him to pet her..she would rub her head on his paw and then push her paws to make him rub her. Crazy cat! She has gotten outside before I could catch her to put on her halter. BUT she stops at the bottom of the porch..she KNOWS she will we be stuck inside while the other cat..her partner in crime Kit Kat gets to go outside and play . So she knows her boundaries. And she has gotten off when she is outside longer than 5 mins and I was not watching her. She won’t run but will meow and lie down for a belly rub until I get her and chastise her for getting loose. I think we come to an understanding don’t push it..if you like going outside you have to behave yourself! Lately I have been ordering things off of Amazon and of course they come in boxes. Not only does she try to get inside the box before they are opened. Once they are opened ..all cats for themselves! That is her plaything. She gets such a kick out of climbing in and out of boxes it’s like watching a little kid. One time I had to move the boxes. Not realizing she was inside of it. I reached in to make sure I took everything out. She meowed and scared me!
Little Kitty now Ellie image.jpg Even though I changed her name to Ellie, Little Kitty still gets used from time to time because she is still so small. She and Bella get along very well. Ellie seems to get her way most of the time when it comes to Bella.
Claudia now Cheeka Claudia27.jpg Life is awesome now that I'm in my new home. I love hanging out on the couch and watching the Eagles game with my mom and dad, who love me so very much.
Fudge now Brittany Fudge Pom 3yr 003.jpg Life is so much fun with my family! I have so many siblings to play with - two-legged AND four-legged siblings! I get so much love and feel so lucky to have such a great home.
Oscar Oscar_15_yr_doxie_004.jpg December 2010: If you ask Oscar, he will tell you that older dogs are the best. His new mom thinks so, too. She loves me so much and our favorite thing to do is snuggle in bed. She is teaching me to speak which is pretty amazing since I am hard of hearing but it shows you what a great mom I have. **December 2013 update** I had adopted OSCAR, an older 11-12 yr old doxy, about 3 years ago. Oscar passed away in July. Oscar was my heart of all the dogs I have had, he was my constant shadow and love bug. I miss him terribly. ~ We are so happy about the love that Oscar and his adopter were able to give each other! He will always be remembered.
Penny Pennys_First_Day_007.JPG Here are some pictures of Penny in her new home. Bless you and Chris for bringing Penny into our lives! She's a joy! Penny loves sitting on our laps, playing with her mice toys, watching birds and squirrels, and having the run of the place. Dean put up a bird feeder adjacent to our back deck so Penny can watch the birds eating. We have to remember to put her mice toys away at night, otherwise she starts crying out to them during the night and wakes us up. Not sure if she thinks they are her babies or what, but she loves them. I bought Penny a different cat carrier to cart her back and forth to the vet. It's soft and comfortable and Penny is able to see out all around so she doesn't feel closed in. She also sleeps in it...wild huh? She creeps into my bedroom during the night and sleeps near me until it's time to feed her in the morning, between 7:00 and 7:30 a.m
Ace Ace_2.jpg I am the happiest boy. I have a 4 legged sister named Rachel Ray and I will be in my new home with my mom for my 3rd birthday. I will never forget my foster mom who loved me like I was her own.