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Primary Image My Story
Alfie now Milo I always look like I am smiling and now that I am in my forever home, I am the happiest I could ever be. My new family loves me so much.
Monrogue now Mohegan I am sooooooo loving my new home. I have 2 big brothers now. One is kind of strange though because he walks on 2 legs and doesn't have fur, but he is pretty cool and gives me lots of love. My human pet is amazing. She gives me treats and brushes my hair and lets me lay with her and watch t.v. I am a pretty lucky kitty thanks to Spay and Save. =)
Penny Here are some pictures of Penny in her new home. Bless you and Chris for bringing Penny into our lives! She's a joy! Penny loves sitting on our laps, playing with her mice toys, watching birds and squirrels, and having the run of the place. Dean put up a bird feeder adjacent to our back deck so Penny can watch the birds eating. We have to remember to put her mice toys away at night, otherwise she starts crying out to them during the night and wakes us up. Not sure if she thinks they are her babies or what, but she loves them. I bought Penny a different cat carrier to cart her back and forth to the vet. It's soft and comfortable and Penny is able to see out all around so she doesn't feel closed in. She also sleeps in it...wild huh? She creeps into my bedroom during the night and sleeps near me until it's time to feed her in the morning, between 7:00 and 7:30 a.m
Ace I am the happiest boy. I have a 4 legged sister named Rachel Ray and I will be in my new home with my mom for my 3rd birthday. I will never forget my foster mom who loved me like I was her own.
Comet NOW Luna I am doing absolutely wonderful in my new home. The best part is that my sister was able to come along with me. <3 Previous Story: My sister and I were found in a barn. We were so friendly that our rescuer knew that we must have been dumped. I am super sweet and loving. The vet was not even able to hear my hearbeat over my purring.
Summer Sunset I am living in a home with another cat which is cool. I found a few spots in living room where I can look out the window or cozy up to a heating vent. My newest spot to sleep is on my new mom s head at night. I manage to get the majority pillow. If mom doesnt give in, I will lick her hair until she moves. Mom said she will have to remember to get me a pillow of my own soon.
Delia My new name is VIOLET and I think it is as pretty as me. I also live right across the street from my foster mom. I am sooooooooooo lucky.
Gucci NOW Molly I have a new name to go with my new Mom who loves me sooooo much and I know I have found my furever home..
Frank NOW Jethro I love my new home and have a 2 legged brother and sister. There is also a thing called a cat, if he would stop running, I would probably stop chasing him.
Louie I love my new dad and follow my mom everywhere. I am a happy boy.