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Lydia NOW Sylvie Thank you for all the amazing work you do in your rescue. She's a treasure & we are delighted to have this girl in our family. She is doing great. Such a snuggle bug. Comes to life at 8pm & greets us on the stairs every morning as she's very enthusiastic about breakfast. <3 *Previous Story: Such a sweet girl, such hard beginnings on the streets of West Philly; only one of her babies survived, and because of a Spay and Save volunteer, so did Lydia. Likes people and to be petted. Likes wet food and dry food.
Chili NOW Peppa My owner reports that I am still a spitfire and will probably always be a kitten. I like to run and jump and knock everything over. Spray bottles don't bother me or scare me. I do whatever I want, whenever I want and my mom wouldn't have it any other way. <3 *Previous Story: Getting a good picture of me is almost impossible because I am always running and jumping and pouncing around. Out of the 6 of us my foster family seem to enjoy me the most. Our human took my siblings and I to the shelter in a box when we were around 5-6 wks old. A friend contacted a rescuer from Spay and Save to see if she could help out. We have all been living in foster care learning how to love and play and snuggle and purr with humans, dogs and cats. We are super friendly and full of love to bring to your home. Please consider one or more of us as your new furry family member. <3
Misha Kisha is the queen bee in her new home. She now has a brother and sister but she still reigns over them both. She is still a little shy around new people but she loves her human mom and stays close by her side. Previous Story: I am a mere 10 weeks old. My mother, my siblings and myself were all dumped off by our human. I heard him say "I'm not coming back for them" as he walked away. I don't know what we did to deserve being abandoned by our human. I was quite scared and timid, but I am learning able to trust humans and other furry friends through the kindness of my foster home family. I would love to become part of your family. <3
Smokey NOW Fiddi Success. YaY! Smokey, now named Fiddi took ownership of our sofa. He is with his teddy bear. Happy boy right there. Previous Story: Loving, sweet, Russian blue type young catolescent. His family moved and “could not take him.” He is very sad and needs a forever home where he is a member of a family who would never be left because of a move. Smokey needs to be an only kitty.
Noah "Noah is doing great!!! He gets along with the other dog and is having so much fun. He sleeps on the bed with my parents and "Max". Thanks again for all of your help in getting him to us. The girls love him."
Riley Thanks for the advise! Reilly is doing very well. We took him to Curtis Hall & Dog Park last evening and that is when I found out that this little guy is a track star. We had a ball! He didnt do too well in the dog park (which is a fenced in area) with the other dogs, I believe because he is so little he felt somewhat overwelmed by the crowed. So did I as I picked him up and the other dogs pawed the heck out of me. Nonetheless, we had fun! Here are a couple of pics and an email that I sent ot Chris a couple of days ago. Best regards, Dana Jackson
Rachel Ray Baron & I went to PetResort to meet Rachel Ray. She was very frightened when I went in by myself, shaking and running away. I brought Baron to see if she improved. Baron and Rachel Ray hit it off immediately & when I joined them, RR came jumping to me, as if so say, "Let's go home!". She still hugs her stuffed dog, but moved it from her bed to the dining room as if to say.."I'm home" She enjoys long walks, even in the rain and is eating very well, which I know has been a problem. Just wanted to say, "Thanks" for your efforts on behalf of Rachel Ray and know she is happy, loved and in a good home. *Francine*
Eddie UPDATE: I have struck gold. My foster family loved me so much that they wanted to keep me...until they met the only person they ever thought would be able to give me the love and care that they have given me....Boy were they right. My new home is full of so many different critters that I am never bored. And talk about love. WoW. They have tons of it. My new mom has MS and me, well, I have neuro we help one another in so many ways. My new mom is thankful every day that my life was able to be saved and she also feels that her home was meant to be mine. I am in a furrever home and puurrrfectly wonderful. <3 My Story: I am the lone survivor of my brothers and sisters. My mother was poisoned and the poison went into her milk and on to us. None of my brothers or sisters survived the poisoning....except me! Due to the poison I have a neurological disorder, but don't let that scare you. I am determined to live a wonderful happy life. If I fall down or stumble I jump right back up and go about my business. I like dogs, cats and humans. I have a severe heart murmur which means I may not live as long as most kitty cats, but I will still have plenty of time you give you lots of love and laughs. I am eating well, use my litter box and give even more laughs and love so I am not sure why I am considered a special needs kitty. I have everything a regular kitty has except agility and good stability....which basically just means that I won't always land on all 4 paws....So please consider bringing me into your home. **Needs to be adopted into a home with at least one furry friend. Either another cat/kitten or small dog/puppy**
Kittens: Benny, Bailey & Bradley How do Michael and Christina A. add up joy? How about 3 + 1 + 3. Michael and Christina were looking for a kitten to adopt into their current family of three 9-year-old triplets and 3-year-old daughter. After filling out an application online and being interviewed and approved, they happen to get a reminder of an upcoming Spay and Save adoption day event at Exton Petco. As it turns out, lo and behold, there are three darling sibling kittens at the event ready for their forever home. The trio was irresistible to the family and they decided to adopted all three kittens! "Thank you Spay and Save for connecting us with our dream kitties! Benny, Bailey & Bradley are the best!" wrote Michael and Christina in an email with the happy group photo attached. Pictured are: Alexandra, Samantha, & Christopher (9 year old triplets) and Emily (3 years), with their treasured kittens.
Opal NOW Pixie Pixie is a total sweetheart! She's very shy but I did what you said and she is beginning to let me pet her. I introduced her to my other cat Blaze, at first they didn't go near each other but within about 20 minutes they were the best of friends! I would like to thank you for everything you have done, and I would like you to know that Pixie is in very good care with a family who loves her a lot.