Success Stories

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Primary Image My Story
Penny I have a new home and 2 new dad's and in my new home, I have Patsy, Eddie and Chica to play with. We are all Chi's. Life is good
Chester now Hunter Little Chester here with a new name Hunter. I think it is perfect and I have the most perfect family who just love me so much. I get so much exercise I love sitting with my new mom in the lounger at night and watching TV.
Waldo My new family told me I am exactly as Spay and Save described me, they probably said I was wonderful because that's what I think.
Blossom Blossom is the sweetest girl and she loves our other foster Basil who we also decided to adopt. Lilly our black lab is such a wonderful girl for welcoming our new fosters.
Sammy (formerly Pauly) Life is good in my new home. I have a great family who loves me even though I play a little crazy with my toys sometimes. I also love visiting the beach!
Sammy I was saved by a volunteer from Spay and Save who found me living in a garage. I won her heart with my personality and she adopted me. I am such a lucky boy.
Simba There's never a dull moment in my new home! I have a family that loves me so much, and a four-legged friend named Rocky who loves to play just as much as I do!
Jack I love my new home and family! I get to go on walks and sleep in a big comfy bed. It's great here!
Sonny My mom says I am a joy to have and that I am loved very much by my new family. I'm as happy as can be!
Rachel Ray Baron & I went to PetResort to meet Rachel Ray. She was very frightened when I went in by myself, shaking and running away. I brought Baron to see if she improved. Baron and Rachel Ray hit it off immediately & when I joined them, RR came jumping to me, as if so say, "Let's go home!". She still hugs her stuffed dog, but moved it from her bed to the dining room as if to say.."I'm home" She enjoys long walks, even in the rain and is eating very well, which I know has been a problem. Just wanted to say, "Thanks" for your efforts on behalf of Rachel Ray and know she is happy, loved and in a good home. *Francine*