Success Stories

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Primary Image My Story
ChiChi I am so lucky to have a mom who loves me as much as my mom does and a nice fenced yard to play in
Oliver I am in my new home with my 2 new mommies who love me very much. I have already been to Cape Cod to our house their for a month. I am one lucky puppy.
Chester NOW Leo My new mom and dad says that I fit perfectly in the family and I just love all the attention I get.
Joey My new mom and dad saw me when I walked with the other Spay and Save dogs in the Conshohocken St. Patrick's Day parade.
Theo Now Monty My 2 dads picked out the perfect name for me Monty and Biscuit and I love playing together. I even get to play with Trixie who was in the same foster home as me and lives in the house in front of mine.
Daphne MY new family loves me and I also have 3 other 4 legged friends to play with.
George George's mom loves him very much and I have the cutest 4 legged friend in Logan.
Trixie I love sitting on my moms lap and giving her so much love. I even get to play with Monty who was in the same foster home as me.
Dublin NOW Brandi I am the luckiest girl. I got to go to the beach with my mom and dad and I also live by the lake.
Cesar Charlie Cesar Charlie is settling in just fine. He is lovable, fun and energetic. He has a great personality. We are all getting along. The kids like that he has playful periods but will cuddle up and sit with you. The dog (Blizzard) and Cesar are getting along. They play and chase each other but can also rest nearby each other. He is doing fine with his litter and has a retreat in the basement if he wants to. He is eating well. We are going to start him on some wet food (as recommended by PVPE) later this week. Only thing we would change is that he gets on my kitchen table. lol Happy Cat Adoption Family The Rush's