Steve Sikora

8 months
Breed & Markings: 
German Shepherd
My Story: 
My brother and I are one of those cute little puppies that you would normally find at the PetStore or one of the “kennels” that sells puppies, but my breeder found out that I have a grade 3 heart murmur so he instead wanted to kill me. As luck would have it there was an angel watching over me, I think the term “rescuer” was used. Rescue me was what they did. I have been given a chance at life instead of facing certain death. I am looking for a special home. I need a home that is familiar with my breed and also financially capable of caring for my medical needs. With the proper care, I should be able to live a long happy life, however, I will need to see a cardiologist. This may only be once or twice a year, once every couple of years or once every couple of months, we just don’t know. My heart murmur is nowhere near as bad as my brothers; his is one of the worst so he will have a very short life. Thank goodness I have been given a chance to live and thrive and know love and joy. Are you the perfect family for me? Are you willing to take on me and whatever medical costs that I may come with? We aren’t exactly sure what I may or may not need in the future so we can’t even put an estimate out there. I guess that would be for my new family and the cardiologist to discuss when I find my forever home. If you think that could be you, please click on the apply to adopt button below. Please please please don’t apply if you are not financially capable of taking on the responsibility of this beautiful special boy. ****UPDATE**** I had a follow up with my veterinary doctor lady and it has been determined that my heart murmur can be downgraded to a grade II heart murmur. Woohoo. How awesome is that??
Medical History (unless otherwise noted, cat has NOT been tested for FIV, nor Feline Leukemia or other viruses): 
7/27/2020 DA2L4P #1, Drontal #1, Nails trimmed, Ears Cleaned
8/17/20 DA2L4P #2, Lyme #1, Drontal #2, Nail Trimmed, Ears Cleaned
8/25/2020 Rabies 1 yr