12 weeks
Breed & Markings: 
Hound Mix
My Story: 
Garth, Wayne, & Koda came up from Georgia transport on 4/25. Garth is about 12 weeks old. He enjoys laying in the grass and sniffing as the wind blows through his fur. He especially loves the sun on his back in the late afternoons. He has been in with his foster family for about two weeks and has made himself at home. Garth has grown to be good at wresting with his foster puppy brother and running around like a nut in his foster family’s fenced in back yard. He can’t help but bounce around in front of his foster brother cat but can’t quite figured out how to play with him yet. He likes sleeping on his foster parents Laps while they work, but looks forward most to th evening when he cuddles in bed with his foster parents. Garth is crate trained & almost house broken. If you are interested in Garth or his brother please fill out an application. Please only apply if you can commit to this sweet guy's 10+ year life span. ***Spay and Save adopts to families living in Bucks, Montgomery and Chester Counties in PA ONLY where our volunteers do home visits.
Medical History (unless otherwise noted, cat has NOT been tested for FIV, nor Feline Leukemia or other viruses): 
Drontal for deworming: 4/25/2021
Distemper 1st: 3/28/2021; 2nd: 4/17/2021
Interceptor 4/25/2021 HW prevention
nails clipped: 4/25/2021
Bavecto for Flea/Tick prevention: 4/29/2021