Celia aka CeCe

2 years
Breed & Markings: 
Hound Mix - White with cream colored spots
My Story: 
Cece is a southern Belle from Georgia! We think she is an American Foxhound mix. She weighs about 50 lbs. She can be fearful and timid with new people and situations, but with time and patience she comes out of her shell. Once Cece gets comfortable, she is very affectionate and playful! She loves a game of fetch with a tennis ball, running zoomies around the yard, and going for nature walks. She has excellent leash manners, is fully house trained, and likes her crate. She has a low prey drive, so would be good with cats and other small animals. She is social with other dogs, and seems to prefer smaller pups. Cece would need her primary caretaker to be a female, and she would need a home without young children. If you are patient and understanding, and looking for a special bond with a sweet dog, please submit an application!
Medical History (unless otherwise noted, cat has NOT been tested for FIV, nor Feline Leukemia or other viruses): 
5/5/22 - Rabies, 4/25/2021 Credelio flea and tick and Interceptor HW preventative
5/14/22, 5/10/21 - DHPP
5/14/22 - Bordetella
5/14/22 - Lepto
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