Beau **Adoption Pending**

8 months
Breed & Markings: 
Shepherd Mix
My Story: 
8/30/2022 - Beau and his 5 (Amber, Andy, Alex, Heidi & Hope) siblings arrived from Tennessee on March 20th. He is a Shepherd and probably Labrador mix. His siblings looked more like Chocolate labs. As of this writing he is 35 pounds at 7 months old. He has large paws so I expect he will continue to grow, probably ending up between 40-50 pounds. He is well house trained, and crate trained. He does not like to sleep alone at night, so a crate for him in your bedroom or spot in your bed is ideal. He is a low to medium energy dog despite being so young. Typical of a shepherd, his favorite activity is obedience training. This dog loves to work and engage with his human. He is timid and shy in new situations and with strangers, but we are working on building his confidence. I have never seen him show aggression. He has a low prey drive but will sometimes chase small animals. He is good with children and other dogs. Beau enjoys playing tug of war and jumping for sticks. When he is comfortable at home, he can get very mouthy when excited, so I always have a toy ready for him to bite. He has good bite inhibition and has never broken my skin. He occasionally gives me a herding nip on the butt, but we’re working on that rude behavior. He has a sensitive stomach, so I have him on Purina sensitive skin and stomach formula food, made with salmon and rice. I suspect he might have an intolerance to chicken. Other than that he’s a healthy pup. He has not yet been neutered, but I would advise waiting until he is done maturing and growing to have it done. Spay and Save can have this done for you at one of our vets at a later date. To see more pictures and videos of Beau, check out my Instagram @chickenhugger ***SPAY AND SAVE ADOPTS TO FAMILIES LIVING IN BUCKS, MONTGOMERY, DELAWARE AND CHESTER COUNTIES IN PA ONLY *** For more information, please click on ADOPT to fill out an online application.
Medical History (unless otherwise noted, cat has NOT been tested for FIV, nor Feline Leukemia or other viruses): 
3/07/22 DHPP
3/07/22 Bordetella
3/24/22 Credellio
3/28/22 DHPP#2
3/28/22 Microchipped
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