Can be seen at (call ahead to confirm): 
Perk Valley Pet Eatery
6 months
Breed & Markings: 
DSH Buff and White
My Story: 
Monkey is a DSH buff and white neutered male kitten who was found with his mom and siblings, and brought to a Spay and Save volunteer to foster. This little dude is as sweet as they come — he is affectionate, lovable and playful. He purrs constantly, loves to make biscuits and especially enjoys being in the same room as his humans. When he wants love, he will seek you out, jump in your lap and rub his head and chin on your face while purring up a storm. He is playful and energetic, loves to chase the laser, play with stick toys, and chase crinkle balls. He is great with other cats who can match his level of play, and would love a feline companion to keep him company while his humans are at work or out of the home. If you are ready and willing to make the 10 to 15+ year commitment, then Monkey promises to give you all the love he has to give in that time.
Medical History (unless otherwise noted, cat has NOT been tested for FIV, nor Feline Leukemia or other viruses): 
FVRCP Vaccine: 5/24/2022, 6/16/2022, 8/31/2022
Rabies Vaccine: 8/2/2022
Drontal for worming: 5/24/2022, 6/7/2022
Revolution for flea prevention: 9/2/2022
Ears cleaned and nails trimmed: 9/18/2022