Bruno S.

Can be seen at (call ahead to confirm): 
Petco - Exton
7 months
Breed & Markings: 
Black and white DSH
My Story: 
My siblings and I were born in an outdoor shed in Paradise... well, Paradise, PA. Luckily the homeowner was friends with a Spay and Save volunteer. Not wanting to stress out mom it was decided to close off the shed and leave us in there with mom for a few weeks. Mom was what they called super feral and extremely fractious. The kind woman would come in every day to feed us and mom would try every day to attack her. We were all confused bc she was so nice and kind to us but momma didn’t care how kind she was, she was stranger danger and needed to go. After a few weeks momma was trapped and taken to the vet. They noticed that there was a horrible infection in her leg. Sadly momma never came home after that. Even though momma didn’t come back, the kind lady did. She took us inside her home to care for us. She had several tiny humans in there. They took care of us as well. Once we were older, we went to another home and that is where we have been as we await out forever homes. We are all super sweet and playful. We are dog friendly, cat friendly and of course people friendly. If you are able to commit 15+ yrs to a kitties care, then please feel free to apply to adopt me. I would love to be part of your family.
Special Needs: 
Medical History (unless otherwise noted, cat has NOT been tested for FIV, nor Feline Leukemia or other viruses): 
Vet Checked: 6/01/22, Neutered: 7/22/22
FVR.CPC#1: 6/01/22; FVR.CPC#2: 6/25/22; FVR.CPC#3: 7/23/22
Dronta #1l: 6/01/22; Drontal #2:6/25/22
Revolution for flea prevention: 6/25/22, 9/6/22
Nails Clipped & Ears Cleaned: 6/25/22, 9/6/22
Rabies Vaccine: 7/23/22