3 years
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My Story: 
Meet Taco! This handsome young chihuahua is as sweet as they come. Found as a stray, Taco was fending for himself in the summer heat in Chester County before a good Samaritan scooped him up and contacted one of our rescuers. He was very shy and scared at first, but came out of his shell quickly once he arrived at his foster home. We're unsure what things were like for Taco in his past life, but one thing's for sure: he is more than ready to put all that behind him, and start his next chapter as a beloved family pet! He is only 6.5 lbs, and will love his people with everything he's got! He is currently working on learning basic "dog skills" like house-training and leash-walking, but he is very smart and wants to please his people. With a permanent home and consistent routine, we think he'll pick these up in no time. Taco is cat and small dog friendly, and is currently being fostered in a home with both. His ideal home would have another small furry companion to keep him company, help show him the ropes and build his confidence. Taco is discovering all the wonderful things that life with a family has to offer, like toys, treats, playtime, belly rubs and snuggling on the couch. Will you give him the life and forever home that he deserves?
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Rabies: 7/20/2022