Nayla now Nellie

10 years
Breed & Markings: 
My Story: 
Nayla is turning into the little mischievous maker …her favorite thing is to hide in the bathtub..and when you go by she taps you on the leg and then ducks back behind the curtain AND she wants EVERYONE to pet her. When visiting nurses come in to take care of my mom. She has to climb inside their bags. And when they put down their tablets..she has to lie on it. She also starts nudging her head against your leg if you don’t acknowledge her when she comes in the room. And she likes rubbing her head against my brother dogs paws. I could not understand why she kept doing this. Max thought she was trying to go by him while he was sleeping. It turns out she wanted him to pet her..she would rub her head on his paw and then push her paws to make him rub her. Crazy cat! Lately I have been ordering things off of Amazon and of course they come in boxes. Not only does she try to get inside the box before they are opened. Once they are opened ..all cats for themselves! That is her plaything. She gets such a kick out of climbing in and out of boxes it’s like watching a little kid. One time I had to move the boxes. Not realizing she was inside of it. I reached in to make sure I took everything out. She meowed and scared me!