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Dreamer From adopter, Donna Higgins, 1/6/17: Here are some photos of Dreamer, a wonderful cat I adopted from your organization last April. I thought you'd like to see how she's doing. Her new name is Sweet Pea and in short, she's doing great! She now has three kitty siblings, and they all enjoy playing together and hanging out in the cat tower. Sweet Pea plays fetch with her little rubber ball. I did not teach her to do this - she just started doing it one day when I was throwing the ball for her to chase. I work from home most of the time, and Sweet Pea is usually curled up on the desk next to me while I'm working. She's a delight, and I'm so glad I was able to adopt her! ****** Former story: WHAT A SWEETIE! FROM HOARDING SITUATION OF OVER 70 CATS. SHE IS DOCILE, AFFECTIONATE, CURIOUS AND GOOD WITH OTHER PETS. ONLY APPLY IF YOU CAN MAKE THE 10 TO 15 YEAR COMMITMENT REQUIRED FOR HER LIFETIME.
Stevie Nix NOW Gretchen A few pictures of my little angel...she seems very comfortable here. I cannot express how very much we love her. She is getting along very well with Romeo. Even though he's a lot bigger than her, they are playing together...she seems to be getting the upper 'paw' on him! She also likes watching TV and sits on the sofa with me or goes over and touches the screen. <3 **Previous Story**A lovely girl who gave birth to four kittens on a porch in West Philly. Stevie Nix is okay with other cats when she gets to know them but has never been around dogs. Wouldn't you like to give this beauty a forever home?
Kringles NOW Maximus I am loving my new life. I have really come around and love purring and loving on my new owners both two legged and four legged. They had recently lost their feline family member so I am also helping heal their hearts. I have really won over my canine brother so much so that he even shares his bed with me. Thank you for finding my perfect family.
Jade I waited a long time to find my new home and my Dad is perfect. We go for daily walks and I have even lost a few pounds and feel great.
Hamilton Hamilton is a sweet boy who loves to cuddle and chasing squirrels! We are so lucky to have Hamilton and we owe it all to you Spay and Save! Thank you for the wonderful work you do and we wish you a Happy Holiday! from Lydia, Roberto, and Hamilton! **Previous Story** Hamilton is a cutie who was found as a stray in Phila. who we believe is about 2 years old. Hamilton is an active little guy who likes everyone he meets. If you are looking for a playful boy and a great cuddlier, he could be your next best 4 legged friend. Hamilton would enjoy your fast paced walks or a leisurely walk around the park. Hamilton would do best as the only 4 legged child in your home. For more information on this sweetheart, please fill out an online application. SPAY AND SAVE ADOPTS TO FAMILIES LIVING IN BUCKS , MONTGOMERY AND CHESTER COUNTIES IN PA.
Chili NOW Peppa My owner reports that I am still a spitfire and will probably always be a kitten. I like to run and jump and knock everything over. Spray bottles don't bother me or scare me. I do whatever I want, whenever I want and my mom wouldn't have it any other way. <3 *Previous Story: Getting a good picture of me is almost impossible because I am always running and jumping and pouncing around. Out of the 6 of us my foster family seem to enjoy me the most. Our human took my siblings and I to the shelter in a box when we were around 5-6 wks old. A friend contacted a rescuer from Spay and Save to see if she could help out. We have all been living in foster care learning how to love and play and snuggle and purr with humans, dogs and cats. We are super friendly and full of love to bring to your home. Please consider one or more of us as your new furry family member. <3
Boris Update: Happy Easter! I just wanted to let you know Boris is doing well. He is gentle, loving, and very sweet. Everyone loves him especially Hannah. We will have him checked by a veterinarian this week. Attached are his pictures. I will keep you posted! Thanks and take care! Previous Story: Boris is adorable, friendly and playful and good with other cats. He was rescued from the streets of Norristown. He is vetted and now is ready for his forever home. This boy will light up your life. PLEASE BE SURE YOU CAN MAKE A LIFELONG COMMITMENT to him BEFORE YOU APPLY.
Lydia NOW Sylvie Thank you for all the amazing work you do in your rescue. She's a treasure & we are delighted to have this girl in our family. She is doing great. Such a snuggle bug. Comes to life at 8pm & greets us on the stairs every morning as she's very enthusiastic about breakfast. <3 *Previous Story: Such a sweet girl, such hard beginnings on the streets of West Philly; only one of her babies survived, and because of a Spay and Save volunteer, so did Lydia. Likes people and to be petted. Likes wet food and dry food.
Zinfandel Clyde and and Zinny are adapting quite nicely. They have immediately gotten used to one another and are feeling pretty comfortable. :) Previous Story: I was loved and hugged for several months with a family with children....but then my human went away to college and I was left behind. I really enjoyed having a home and a family and I was really hurt to be left behind and placed with strangers. Won't someone please give me the loving committed forever home life that I loved so much?
Clyde Clyde and and Zinny are adapting quite nicely. They have immediately gotten used to one another and are feeling pretty comfortable. :) Previous Story:Clyde is a gorgeous catolescent rescued from the streets of South Philly with his sister Bonnie. She went to a wonderful home, won't you give Clyde the same chance at a forever home. He is a bit shy when he first meets you but very soon becomes very playful. He loves to play with his toys and loves to be brushed. He would do well with another kitten to play with.