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Randy A very loving family who lives in Royersford adopted me. The house is big and I love to explore all over it. They had changed my name to Lucky because they feel so lucky to find me. They told my foster mom that I am a such JOY to them. I feel so lucky to have them too and I like my new name LUCKY :D
Maggie Maggie's adoptive mom says of Spay & Save: You have been such a help over the years, and I thank you very much. I have attached a photo of Maggie in the laundry basket. When we bring the laundry from the dryer, she runs to jump in and have a warm snooze.
Sabrina In March 2020, Sabrina, a sweet blind kitten was adopted by a very caring couple Harry & Ellen. Harry & Ellen have adopted many of our cats over the years. This couple has always been more than willing to adopt special needs cats before. We are so happy to report that they are comfortably settled in to their new forever family. Congratulations to this generous family and their new addition!!!
Giselle NOW Freya Little Freya (fka Giselle) hit the jackpot! She was adopted by a previous Spay & Save adopter, and is loving life in her forever home. Freya is a smart, spunky, and curious little lady who seems to love everyone she meets. However, the one she loves most of all is her new big sister, Khaleesi. Khaleesi was very sad after losing her brother, and seemed very eager for a new companion, so she immediately took Freya under her paw. These two are already inseparable, and are likely to be nearly identical when Freya grows up! History: DSH, Russian Blue type (solid grey). Sweet, adorable female kitten born to a feral mom in the Coatesville area. 10-12 weeks old, playful and gets along with everyone!
Dixon NoW Sunset Dixon NOW Sunset is enjoying his new life with his new siblings. **Previous Story**What a sweet boy! Dixon is brother to Mason (almost identical but darker than Mason), both came from the home of a 93-year-old woman in Plymuth Meeting who could not care for the many cats she had. Only apply if you can seriously commit to his 10 to 15 year lifespan.
Ashlin renamed Willow Ashlin, now Willow is a beautiful Russian Blue. She was adopted in early May 2020. She was approximately 2-3 years old when adopted and quickly settled in with her new owner Kyle. They're now completely bonded!
Walnut now Figaro Sweet Walnut, now known as Figaro, got lucky when Sam and Jeanette adopted him. They are wonderful former S&S adopters and are all over the moon in love with him. He plays all day with his furry brother Theo and when it's nap time he snuggles with his human sister Kathryn. He can usually be found either on or near her lap. Thanks so much for giving Figaro such a loving home in which to grow old. --- Original information on Walnut: Walnut and his brother Red Oak were rescued when they were found stranded in Coatesville after their mother was hit by a car.
Bebe I have the best new home. My mom and dad even let me sleep in their bed with them. Life is good.
Chloe I had a rough start in my forever home but now that I am getting lots of exercise everything is good.
Olive It took me awhile to get adopted but someone finally gave me a chance. Not only do I have two parents who love me very much, but I have two siblings who were also adopted from Spay & Save. We are one big happy family!