Success Stories

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Primary Image My Story
Harley now Brody I have a new mom and dad and a new name that I love. I get to go for many walks and have met all the neighborhood dogs. I especially love my 2 legged brother.
Shadow My new family might not recognize me because I had a beautiful haircut after this picture was taken but I love my new mom and dad sooooooooooooooooooo much.
Casey Since my mom and I are the only girls in the family, we have to stick together but I love going for walks with my new dad. The best part is that I also live very close to my foster moms who took such good care of me before I was adopted.
Camilla I got adopted with my sister Cleo which makes us very happy because we are a pair. We love sitting on our new mom and dads lap and they love us so much.
Cleo Read Camilla's comments because she is my sister.
LuLu Good things come in small packages and that is so true. I have the best home, my new mom takes me everywhere, even on her business trips.
Fiona now Ellie My new name is as pretty as I am. My new mom says I am crazy at times but I am a lab and I know they love me.
Czar now Ziggy I have 2 2-legged brothers to play with and have even lost a few pounds with all the walks I take. Even though I have my own bed, my favorite place to sleep is on the living room couch
Oliver I love my morning walks with my new mom and all my new toys. They keep telling me that I am such a sweetie.
Abby A few days after I was adopted, I was at the shore. I never saw the beach before but loved it. Love you Mom.