Success Stories

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Primary Image My Story
Bailey My new family thinks I am adorable and very smart and I love them very much. Thanks for adopting me.
Dudley You should see how handsome I am now with my new haircut. You wouldn't recognize me. My foster mom fell in love with me and I can''t blame her, I am a really loveable guy.
Timmy now Praire I love my new name, I think it it fits me perfectly and I am being so spoiled by my new mom.
Reggie I am finally in my new home which I love. Thanks to my foster moms for loving me so much.
Jada I have a new mom and she loves me so much. I have a 4 legged sister named Sadie but they say she is a cat but we are inseparable. I also love my new pink collar and name tag.
Teddy now Basie My new mom is spoiling me rotten. I get 3 walks a day and the best part is that she lets me sleep in bed with her at night. I couldn't have found a better home.
Nina I have only been in my new home for a few days but I can tell I am going to be spoiled. I have already been to Petco getting new stuff just for me. My mom and dad even refer to me as their child.
Patrick I am getting lots of love in my new home, and life couldn't be better!
Snoopy I want to thank Leslie and Kelly for rescuing me from the yard I was living in and then Kelly fostered me before I was placed with my new family. My new mom and dad love me so much, I get to sleep on the recliner instead of the bed they bought me and I have the nicest coat to wear outside to keep me warm. I will love you forever.
Delilah Have you ever seen a more stylish girl. My new mom has such great taste in clothes.