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Corbin Cooper wasn't sure he wanted another dog in the house to share his families love but now we are best friends and love running around our huge fenced yard. I love to cuddle at night and watch football with Dad.
Lucas I love my new mom soooooooooooooooooooooooo much. Thank you for picking me.
Callie It was scary leaving my brother Corbin when I got adopted but I have a great family and I follow my Mom around all day.
Smokey NOW Fiddi Success. YaY! Smokey, now named Fiddi took ownership of our sofa. He is with his teddy bear. Happy boy right there. Previous Story: Loving, sweet, Russian blue type young catolescent. His family moved and “could not take him.” He is very sad and needs a forever home where he is a member of a family who would never be left because of a move. Smokey needs to be an only kitty.
Darren Now Bowie I used to live outside in a cage and it was so cold in the winter and hot in the summer but now I live in a nice house and spend a lot of time relaxing on a very big couch with my 4 legged dog brother and 2 cats. I love going jogging with my Mom and Dad. I love my life now.
Nina My foster Mom and Dad loved me so much they adopted me. Even though I have short legs I am a great jogger and my Mom even taught me to run on a treadmill. What talent I have.
Scooter I'm doing my happy dance. After 6 months of living with my foster mom who I love, I am ADOPTED. I go for long walks with my dad and my big brother and I get lots of love from my new mom and little sister and brother. So many people to love. I even have a very tiny 5 lb four legged brother named Milo.
Ollie Oliver (Ollie) was rescued off the streets of North Philly after being abandoned by his owner. After traveling to several adoption centers, hoping to meet the perfect family, he is very grateful to be in the best forever home imaginable. He is doted on by Anne and her daughter Sara, and her children Jake, Cole and Maggie. "Ollie is settling in well. He's such a sweetheart. He is soooooo good with my three children (especially the baby) and our other cat. So far he loves to sit by the window and watch the birds, play with his cat toys (the feather on the stick is his favorite), jump in our laps to snuggle, and explore his new forever home. His favorite place to sleep is snuggled up to me in bed. Thank you so much for letting Ollie be apart of our family! We love him so much!!!", wrote Sara. Pictured here are Jake and Cole with Ollie. And Ollie enjoying the view. And Ollie snoozing next to baby.
Mailani She is doing fabulous..fitting in nicely with our tabby diesel. We named her Meilani (pronounced may-lani). Here are a few pictures of the 2 of them! We love her to pieces and she's so fun to have around! Mailani was adopted from the Exton Petco on 7/12/2014 by Brittany and Kyle from Downingtown.
Nayla now Nellie Nayla is turning into the little mischievous maker …her favorite thing is to hide in the bathtub..and when you go by she taps you on the leg and then ducks back behind the curtain AND she wants EVERYONE to pet her. When visiting nurses come in to take care of my mom. She has to climb inside their bags. And when they put down their tablets..she has to lie on it. She also starts nudging her head against your leg if you don’t acknowledge her when she comes in the room. And she likes rubbing her head against my brother dogs paws. I could not understand why she kept doing this. Max thought she was trying to go by him while he was sleeping. It turns out she wanted him to pet her..she would rub her head on his paw and then push her paws to make him rub her. Crazy cat! Lately I have been ordering things off of Amazon and of course they come in boxes. Not only does she try to get inside the box before they are opened. Once they are opened ..all cats for themselves! That is her plaything. She gets such a kick out of climbing in and out of boxes it’s like watching a little kid. One time I had to move the boxes. Not realizing she was inside of it. I reached in to make sure I took everything out. She meowed and scared me!