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Harriet Renee Cromartie adopted Harriet 6/4/18 and sent this composite photo of her on 7/10/18. ****** Original story: Three adorable sibling females (Britt, Meg and Harriet) were rescued by a kind police officer in Roxborough.
Sandy Many families are nervous about adopting an older dog but when Sandy's new family met her they instantly knew what an amazing dog she is. Sandy loves her new family and their big swimming pool which she swims in every day.
Stanley 12/14/17 we received these photos and this update from Irina who adopted Stanley a year ago: "Just want to share some pics of Stanley. We adopted him last year in early December from the Pet Valu in Roxborough. He's such a sweet kitty and we love him so much. He's very playful and a good cuddler. His funniest trait is that he likes watching tv, especially when he sees a cat on the screen. Tim and I are so happy to have him." *** Previous Story *** Stanley was found on the streets of Philly after his owner moved and left him. He seems fine with cats and dogs. Would you like to give him the forever home he deserves?
Nicki Some dogs make perfect pets for first time dog owners and Nicki is one of them. Nicki's new Mom and Dad think she is wonderful.
Crystal Crystal came to us because her owners could no longer care for her. Well, Crystal is now living it up with her new canine brother Charlie. As you can see from this picture, there isn't much truth to the fighting like cats and dogs theory. *Previous Story: SWEET LOVING WHITE/DARK TABBY MARKINGS FEMALE SPAYED APPROXIMATELY 1 YEAR. VERY GENTLE AND LOVING WITH PEOPLE AND CHILDREN AND RAISED WITH A LARGE DOG.  SEEMS GOOD WITH OTHER KITTIES.  OWNERS COULD NOT CARE FOR HER.  WILL YOU GIVE HER A FOREVER HOME WHERE SHE WILL ALWAYS BE CARED FOR?  
Kittens: Benny, Bailey & Bradley How do Michael and Christina A. add up joy? How about 3 + 1 + 3. Michael and Christina were looking for a kitten to adopt into their current family of three 9-year-old triplets and 3-year-old daughter. After filling out an application online and being interviewed and approved, they happen to get a reminder of an upcoming Spay and Save adoption day event at Exton Petco. As it turns out, lo and behold, there are three darling sibling kittens at the event ready for their forever home. The trio was irresistible to the family and they decided to adopted all three kittens! "Thank you Spay and Save for connecting us with our dream kitties! Benny, Bailey & Bradley are the best!" wrote Michael and Christina in an email with the happy group photo attached. Pictured are: Alexandra, Samantha, & Christopher (9 year old triplets) and Emily (3 years), with their treasured kittens.
Sam now Buddy IMG_1300.JPG UPDATE: My wish came true. I was adopted into a wonderful home WITH my brother Oliver. We have a wonderful family now and we even have a pet dog. Life is now PUURRRFECT <3
Oliver now Ace IMG_1322.JPG UPDATE....Our wish came true. My brother and I were adopted into a wonderful family together.....we even have a canine pet. Now we can spend all of our 9 lives together fuuurrrrever. Our lives our now Purrrfect. <3