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Kringles NOW Maximus I am loving my new life. I have really come around and love purring and loving on my new owners both two legged and four legged. They had recently lost their feline family member so I am also helping heal their hearts. I have really won over my canine brother so much so that he even shares his bed with me. Thank you for finding my perfect family.
Chili NOW Peppa My owner reports that I am still a spitfire and will probably always be a kitten. I like to run and jump and knock everything over. Spray bottles don't bother me or scare me. I do whatever I want, whenever I want and my mom wouldn't have it any other way. <3 *Previous Story: Getting a good picture of me is almost impossible because I am always running and jumping and pouncing around. Out of the 6 of us my foster family seem to enjoy me the most. Our human took my siblings and I to the shelter in a box when we were around 5-6 wks old. A friend contacted a rescuer from Spay and Save to see if she could help out. We have all been living in foster care learning how to love and play and snuggle and purr with humans, dogs and cats. We are super friendly and full of love to bring to your home. Please consider one or more of us as your new furry family member. <3
Kittens: Benny, Bailey & Bradley How do Michael and Christina A. add up joy? How about 3 + 1 + 3. Michael and Christina were looking for a kitten to adopt into their current family of three 9-year-old triplets and 3-year-old daughter. After filling out an application online and being interviewed and approved, they happen to get a reminder of an upcoming Spay and Save adoption day event at Exton Petco. As it turns out, lo and behold, there are three darling sibling kittens at the event ready for their forever home. The trio was irresistible to the family and they decided to adopted all three kittens! "Thank you Spay and Save for connecting us with our dream kitties! Benny, Bailey & Bradley are the best!" wrote Michael and Christina in an email with the happy group photo attached. Pictured are: Alexandra, Samantha, & Christopher (9 year old triplets) and Emily (3 years), with their treasured kittens.
Little Kitty now Ellie image.jpg Even though I changed her name to Ellie, Little Kitty still gets used from time to time because she is still so small. She and Bella get along very well. Ellie seems to get her way most of the time when it comes to Bella.
Tripod now Tres 936165_598023130210625_768533956_n.jpg Tres is doing absolutely wonderful. When he runs around and plays, you would never know that he only has 3 legs. It isn't until he walks that you notice something is a little off. We absolutely love him and are so glad he became part of our family. <3
Sam now Buddy IMG_1300.JPG UPDATE: My wish came true. I was adopted into a wonderful home WITH my brother Oliver. We have a wonderful family now and we even have a pet dog. Life is now PUURRRFECT <3
Oliver now Ace IMG_1322.JPG UPDATE....Our wish came true. My brother and I were adopted into a wonderful family together.....we even have a canine pet. Now we can spend all of our 9 lives together fuuurrrrever. Our lives our now Purrrfect. <3
Belle belle.jpg I adopted the most wonderful humans. They are so nice and kind to me. I know I always have a warm bed to sleep in, food to eat and love to receive. I give tons of love in return..And for a family that wasn't quite sure if they wanted to or were ready to adopt a kitty...they have given me the best home ever and say that I was the best decision ever...All it took was someone giving me a chance. <3