Success Stories

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Primary Image My Story
Chloe Chloe_boxer_006.jpg I had a rough start in my forever home but now that I am getting lots of exercise everything is good.
Buddy now Bailey Buddy_pom.jpg I have a new mom and dad, new home and new 4 legged brother who looks just like me. He is a little heavier but with all the running around we do, we will look identical soon.
Belle belle.jpg I adopted the most wonderful humans. They are so nice and kind to me. I know I always have a warm bed to sleep in, food to eat and love to receive. I give tons of love in return..And for a family that wasn't quite sure if they wanted to or were ready to adopt a kitty...they have given me the best home ever and say that I was the best decision ever...All it took was someone giving me a chance. <3
Bebe Bebe_black_lab_005.jpg I have the best new home. My mom and dad even let me sleep in their bed with them. Life is good.
Gucci renamed Rocky Gucci_poodle_001.jpg I have only been in my new home a few days but my new mom and dad tell me how much they love me already and how great I am. They even gave me a new name Rocky, so I have a new start with a new name.
Pixie & Valentine Pixie_-_Valentine_04-28-11_020.jpg Pixie and Valentine were adopted together. Here is what their new family writes: "Last night Valentine came over to Pixie, put his paw around her shoulders and gave her a kiss. Wish I had a picture of that... it was precious! [...] She rolled over on her back and was purring. They talk to me and purr... They are doing good!"
Buffy buffy.JPG I am the second dog that my mom and dad adopted from Spay and Save. All my brothers and sisters are Chihuahuas so I think I am the most special.