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Mika Mika was abandoned in an apt when her owners were evicted. Her new family absolutely loves her, even their resident cat Arthur.
Peanut Just wanted to send you a few pictures of little Peanut and let you know that she is doing great. She was spayed a couple of weeks ago and also had a small cyst the size of a pea removed from the underside of her tongue, which luckily had no bad cells. She got all fixed up and recuperated amazingly fast. She finally put on a pound and her fur has filled in nicely too. She's very affectionate, loves lots of attention and loves to play and run. She's now learning basic commands and is doing very well. She is such a joy to us, so thank you again for bringing us together!
Maggie Maggie's adoptive mom says of Spay & Save: You have been such a help over the years, and I thank you very much. I have attached a photo of Maggie in the laundry basket. When we bring the laundry from the dryer, she runs to jump in and have a warm snooze.
Elle (formerly Dusty) A nice family in Harleysville took me and my siblings in. I was very sick and couldn't see out of my one eye. Spay and Save got me medical care and the nice lady vet said I wouldn't be able to see out of that eye anymore so it had to go! I am a playful, healthy girl and having only one eye doesn't bother me at all. I was adopted from Limerick PETCO on 10/4/08.
Reese My foster mom's friends brought in two cats for her to take care while they went away over the that time when they were at my foster mom's house, they fell in love with me and wanted to adopt me. I am happy that I went to a home where they have two cats. I love to play with them...they are my buddies now. Also I get to see my foster mom once in a while when she comes to visit.
Randy A very loving family who lives in Royersford adopted me. The house is big and I love to explore all over it. They had changed my name to Lucky because they feel so lucky to find me. They told my foster mom that I am a such JOY to them. I feel so lucky to have them too and I like my new name LUCKY :D
Noah "Noah is doing great!!! He gets along with the other dog and is having so much fun. He sleeps on the bed with my parents and "Max". Thanks again for all of your help in getting him to us. The girls love him."
Molly Molly is a 6 year old female soft-coated Irish Wheaten Terrier. She is spayed, up to date on her shots and housebroken. Molly is a true sweetheart. She loves to cuddle and give kisses. Molly wasn't getting along with the other dog in the house so we must find her a home where she will be the only dog. Her owners are heartbroken because they say she is wonderful in every other way. Spay and Save adopts to families living in Bucks and Montgomery Counties in PA only. If interested in learning more about Molly, please fill out an application or call us at 610-279-9714 press 2 and one of our volunteers will contact you.
Jackie I have a new home and am so excited. I have a fenced yard to run around in and even a 4 legged playmate named Roxie. I can be a little pushy at times but I am so happy, I love my new mom and dad so much.
Andy My wonderful mom lets me sleep on her laps and even let me sleep with her every night (by her shoulder). I love to play and one day I accident jumped over the plant and the vase hit my right foot (ouch!). My mom took me to the vet and they said I had to wear a splinter for 8 weeks ugh! Mom has been so good........took good care of me and I love her so much.