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Zub I have been in my new home for about a month now and love it. I thought I was big but I have a bigger brother named Riot who is an Alaskan Malamute. It took both of us a little while to get used to each other because we were both spoiled only children. Thank you Mom and Dad for adopting 2 rescue dogs.
Molly Molly has been in her new home for 3 months now, and she is as happy as can be. She is receiving lots of love and is having a fun time with her new big brother, Mac, who looks just like her! The pictures above are from the day she was adopted when she was already making herself comfortable and exploring her new home.
Sherri Lacy who was previously Sherri is the best!!! At 11 years old, she acts like a puppy and follows me everywhere. I love the senier dogs. She is has adjusted so well into our home.She sleeps with us and is so happy to just be part of our family. Lacy goes everywhere with us and is sooo happy. I love this little dog!!! Thanks for saving this little girls life, It was sooo worth it, and thanks to Kelly for taking such good care of her in her foster home. Keep up the good work, Love, Lacy, Barb+ Karl M.
Bella I visited Bella recently and she has found a wonderful home. Bella loves running in her fenced yard with her 4 legged brother and going for long walks with her Mom and Dad. She even has playdates with Heidi her German Shepherd friend. Life if good.
Jelly Bean Jelly Bean was adopted in August 2010. He is now known as Jackson. This is what his new family writes: "I can't believe how much joy he has brought to us in such a short amount of time. He has adjusted very well to life with us. His favorite activity is to chase the little red laser dot around. [...] Thank you again!"
Frankie and Freddie Frankie and Freddies's family writes" I just wanted to let you know that the boys are doing well. Frankie loves being rubbed and has no shame about it. We call him Frank the Tank, but George has jokingly said if he gets any bigger he'll be a bull dozer.Freddie is still timid, but comes in the kitchen in the morning for treats, and has begun to allow me to pet him; he even purred the other day as I was scratching his back. He now joins the family at his spot on the sofa at night. Thanks again, for all your good work. Happy holidays."
Jose now Henry I agree with Rufus. We have the best home. Our dads love us and spoil us so much. Life is good.
Petey now Rufus My dream has come true. I have a new home with my brother Jose whose new name is Henry. I have been remaned Rufus. We have the best yard to run around in. Most of the plants are bigger than us and provide lots of shade. My new dads Drew and Jonathan are the best.
Norton Matt, Norton's new dad, says that he is adjusting nicely and is the hit of the building. Everyone thinks he is such a handsome guy. Norton is enjoying his daily walks and loves his new home.
Niko I'm adopted and my new family loves me so much. My 3 other brothers and sister have 2 legs(I don't know why) but I love playing with them. My grandparents bought me a new bone which was all for me. What else could a dog ask for.