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Farrah Farrah is doing so great and she also gets along fine now with our first cat, who is on the shy side. They complement each other nicely. Farrah is the most cuddly cat. She loves to be held and we all love holding her like a baby. My son adores her & so does my husband. Farrah loves playing with her many toy mice. She also has the biggest appetite! She is a very clever cat as well. My family and I are enjoying Farrah more every day. She's the best and I just wanted to let you know!
Q. T. (formerly Q) Q. T., formerly known as Q, was adopted by horse farm owners. Here is what her new family writes: "... Q was supposed to be a barn cat. As you see, she has adjusted quite nicely...INDOORS! She is a joy to have and we are glad to have been able to rescue her. She turned out to be a Korat (Thailand) Mix... not so prominent in the US; she has all the traits they say a Korat Cat should have [...] they are a one-owner type breed. We just wanted to pass along a success story for adoptions! Thanks Again!"
Ibby Ibby's new Mom writes: I Just adopted Ibby on Saturday, and we renamed her Weebles. Even with her neurological disorder you would never know anything is wrong with her. She is amazing, and has become our daughter. Everthing is pink! She is our little princess and my 2 boys (my dogs) have a new playmate. She snuggles with us and watches tv, and runs around the house like a wild woman! She is amazing and truly a blessing. Thank you for bringing her into our lives.
Sweet William Sweet William (now Tabasco or Mr. Budi-man) is the most welcome addition to his new family. Not only does he have plenty of toys and room to run around, he also has 3 other cat pals. A little shy at first, he quickly warmed up and became the funniest and most lovable cat! He fits in so well that they can't imagine life without him and feel like he's been there all along. Adopting him was the best thing his new family has done and they hope more people enrich their lives the same way.
Jamaica (now Gracie) Gracie's mom writes: "Gracie and I have been together now for 2 months and we are a match made in heaven. It is like we have been together forever. She doesn't seem lonely at all being alone or the only cat and when I am at home, beware I even sit down for a minute, and she is on my lap. I sometimes compare her to a dog. She is so funny Just follows me around. She is getting used to my routine so well. She is very entertaining. I love her to death and we are doing fabulously. Thank you both for everything you have done for me and Gracie.
Eleanor Digby (aka Nellie) Eleanor Digby's mom writes : She is such a doll baby! And, she and Mr. Peterman play with each other for about two hours a day. Hailey Mae is a bit jealous, but she is better now; after all, it's been over four weeks now. Needless to say, I am a very happy camper. Much thanks to Spay 'N Save for this "find!"
Maggie Maggie (now Molly) has finally found her forever home! Her new family writes: "Here is a pic of her on the cat stand in my office. She is adjusting well -eating and using her litter box just fine. She LOVES her bed that I put in my office (her room!) and I find her in it often. She roams the house with confidence - has fun jumping onto the windowsills - and is doing well with Sigma. He "talks" to her, but they've been nose-to-nose and are slowly getting to know one another. She is a bit afraid of the dog, but then Kayla is big.So, we keep a respectful distance even though Kayla would love to sniff her." Molly is loving her new home! adopted by Diane Polite 2009 fall?
Flounder My name is Flounder. When I was first adopted, my new family wasn’t sure how their old blind doggy would get along with me. But with my cute and funny face and my sweet personality it didn’t take me long to make friends not only with the doggy, who is now my role model, but also with my new two-legged brothers, who are 4 and 2 years old. They are my best buddies, and we love to cuddle! My dad gets me yummy tuna treats and plays with me. My mommy says there is nothing like a warm fuzzy cat to make a family feel complete. We all could not be happier! Thank you, Spay and Save!
Bruno My new mom and dad love me very much. I love playing with my older sister Sassy in our fenced yard. As long as I stay away from the Valentines Candy(I thought is was for me) everything should be fine. Thank you for adopting me.
Reeses (now Chelsey) Chelsey's family writes, " I wanted to let you know that Chelsy (AKA Reeses) is doing great and gets along well with the whole family, including our golden retriever, Remy. We're really enjoying having her in our family. She's right here with me on top of my desk now! Thank you Spay and Save! "