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Jakey The best thing happened to me. My foster mom loves me so much, she adopted me. I am one happy camper.
Buddy now Bailey I have a new mom and dad, new home and new 4 legged brother who looks just like me. He is a little heavier but with all the running around we do, we will look identical soon.
Buffy I am the second dog that my mom and dad adopted from Spay and Save. All my brothers and sisters are Chihuahuas so I think I am the most special.
Pansey now Agador Pansey's new family writes: "We adopted Pansey last week. We renamed her "Agador"; she is fitting right in and loves her human and furry freinds! [...] She is a GREAT cat!"
Gina My name is Gina and I came up from Georgia from a high kill shelter. I don't know how I ended up there because I am just sooo cute. My foster mom Jean just fell in love with me and couldn't let me go. I am the luckiest girl.
Toby First of all I don't get along with other cats but my mom adopted me anyway........I am living with 6 mom is not happy that I continue to chase after them and she is keeping me in one bedroom. That is alright because I get to sleep with my mom everynight and she moved me around alot in the house so I wont get bored in the same room everyday. She even walks me outside (one of my favorites). By the way, I am learning to get along with 4 cats and my mom is letting me running around the house more often now.
Lydia NOW Sylvie Thank you for all the amazing work you do in your rescue. She's a treasure & we are delighted to have this girl in our family. She is doing great. Such a snuggle bug. Comes to life at 8pm & greets us on the stairs every morning as she's very enthusiastic about breakfast. <3 *Previous Story: Such a sweet girl, such hard beginnings on the streets of West Philly; only one of her babies survived, and because of a Spay and Save volunteer, so did Lydia. Likes people and to be petted. Likes wet food and dry food.
Molly the Monster Kitten I just wanted to update you on this little monster! I have given her two names, Molly and Monster. Different times she is each! We just love her to death though, and so does our dog. They are the best of friends now and usually follow each other around!
Opal NOW Pixie Pixie is a total sweetheart! She's very shy but I did what you said and she is beginning to let me pet her. I introduced her to my other cat Blaze, at first they didn't go near each other but within about 20 minutes they were the best of friends! I would like to thank you for everything you have done, and I would like you to know that Pixie is in very good care with a family who loves her a lot.
Fred & Ginger Fred and Ginger had no trouble making their way into my husband's heart but they had to be accepted by our other three Spay and Save cats, Tiger, Mittens and Misty. Misty, about 3 years old, was fascinated by these two newcomers. Eventually, she joined in their play and has become best friends with them.Misty plays with them, wrestles with them and then washes them.I don’t think that the other two cats, Tiger (adopted about 10 years ago) and Mittens (adopted about 4 years ago), will ever be as friendly to the newcomers as Misty is but they have learned to put up with them and their antics.