Success Stories

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Primary Image My Story
Copper Life is so much fun in my new home! My parents love me so much and I have the best time playing with my four-legged brother, Oscar. I have a big backyard that is great to run around in. I love it here!
Zoe I am doing so well in my new home and am getting lots of love from my parents, who say that I'm a blast and am very playful and loving. They even dressed me up for Christmas in a very cute Santa outfit which kept me nice and warm. I couldn't ask for a better home!
Tripod now Tres Tres is doing absolutely wonderful. When he runs around and plays, you would never know that he only has 3 legs. It isn't until he walks that you notice something is a little off. We absolutely love him and are so glad he became part of our family. <3
Ace I am the happiest boy. I have a 4 legged sister named Rachel Ray and I will be in my new home with my mom for my 3rd birthday. I will never forget my foster mom who loved me like I was her own.
Misha Kisha is the queen bee in her new home. She now has a brother and sister but she still reigns over them both. She is still a little shy around new people but she loves her human mom and stays close by her side. Previous Story: I am a mere 10 weeks old. My mother, my siblings and myself were all dumped off by our human. I heard him say "I'm not coming back for them" as he walked away. I don't know what we did to deserve being abandoned by our human. I was quite scared and timid, but I am learning able to trust humans and other furry friends through the kindness of my foster home family. I would love to become part of your family. <3
Cody Everything is great now that I have been adopted and finally have a family to call my own. I am my mom's constant companion, and it's so much fun when she takes me everywhere and dresses me up in comfy clothes. I love my new dad, too. Life is great!
Leo I have a very cute 4 legged sister named Lucy to play with and a huge fenced yard. I am so happy.
Olive It took me awhile to get adopted but someone finally gave me a chance. Not only do I have two parents who love me very much, but I have two siblings who were also adopted from Spay & Save. We are one big happy family!
Rupert I'm adopted. I am so happy and love my new mom sooooooooooooooo much.
Angel renamed Daisy My foster mom Heather loved me so much she adopted me. I am such a lucky girl.