Success Stories

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Primary Image My Story
Aurora My new family thinks I am wonderful, personally I just think I am cute. I get plenty of exercise and love to follow my mom all over the house. I don't want to lose her.
Chloe I had a rough start in my forever home but now that I am getting lots of exercise everything is good.
Penny I have a new home and 2 new dad's and in my new home, I have Patsy, Eddie and Chica to play with. We are all Chi's. Life is good
Fluff now Molly I have a new name to go with my new home. I am so happy.
Cheyenne I love my new family and they love me. Lily and I are best friends and we even look alike. The big back yard is so much fun to run around in.
Elliott I was sad to leave my foster mom because she loved me so much but my new family loves me just as much, I am such a lucky pup.
Ellie It took me a little while to find a home but it was worth the wait! I love going on walks and exploring the backyard with my big sister, Nelli. I also love playing with my toys and cuddling with my mom, who says I am the sweetest and happiest little dog. I am so loved!
Archie I finally found my perfect family. I have 2 legged sisters who just love me so much and I get to run around with my 2 legged brother. Mom and Dad are pretty special too.
Comet I am doing absolutely wonderful in my new home. The best part is that my sister was able to come along with me. <3 Previous Story: My sister and I were found in a barn. We were so friendly that our rescuer knew that we must have been dumped. I am super sweet and loving. The vet was not even able to hear my hearbeat over my purring.
Teddy now Basie My new mom is spoiling me rotten. I get 3 walks a day and the best part is that she lets me sleep in bed with her at night. I couldn't have found a better home.