Success Stories

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Primary Image My Story
Fischer NOW Kody I am only 4 months old but my new daddy is teaching me everything I need to know. I love him so much.
Claudia now Cheeka Life is awesome now that I'm in my new home. I love hanging out on the couch and watching the Eagles game with my mom and dad, who love me so very much.
Sonny My mom says I am a joy to have and that I am loved very much by my new family. I'm as happy as can be!
Sophia now Leia My foster mom misses me but she is so happy that my new family loves me so much. I am growing up fast and love playing with my 2 legged brothers and soon I will have a fenced yard when we move into our new home. Everyone is so excited.
Lydia now Gertie I have a new mom and dad, a huge fenced yard to fun around in but Stella the cat is still a little unsure about me. I don't know why because I am just so loveable.
Jakey The best thing happened to me. My foster mom loves me so much, she adopted me. I am one happy camper.
Waldo My new family told me I am exactly as Spay and Save described me, they probably said I was wonderful because that's what I think.
Leopold I am in my new home and being spoiled which every dog should be.
Peter I am loving life in my new home! My new mom and dad love me so much and I have so much fun playing with my sister, Phyllis.
Sammy (formerly Pauly) Life is good in my new home. I have a great family who loves me even though I play a little crazy with my toys sometimes. I also love visiting the beach!