Success Stories

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Primary Image My Story
Bebe Spay and Save had me groomed and I am so pretty now. I am in a wonderful new home. I even have a cute little coat to keep me warm on these cold days.
Reds Now Ruby Reds was renamed Ruby and boy has she been living the life. She went from a home that no longer wanted her to a home that doesn't know what they would do without her. ❤️ She was a senior when her owners gave her up for a new model, but her new owners knew there was still plenty of love left in her. *Previous Story: Reds was turned into a shelter when she wasn't little, cute and fuzzy anymore. Her owners decided they wanted a young kitten again, and put her up for adoption. Spay & Save pulled her out of a shelter and gave her a foster home, but she would really prefer having her own instead. She is wonderful with people and other pets, fully vetted and is ready for her own - this time forever - family!
Freckles now Holis I was at the Erie Ave. SPCA for 6 months until Spay and Save adopted me and placed me in a wonderful new home. I go for long walks and runs in the park everyday. I love my new family sooooooooooo much.
Bella My new family are first time dog owners but spay and save knew that I would be a great first dog for them and I am. My family is spoiling me with lots of walks and I couldn't be happier.
Oliver This handsome guy is having a great time in his new home. He has two other cats to play with and is very happy to be in the care of a loving family.
Hanford My new family says that I am so sweet, which I have to agree with and am the perfect fit for them. I love going for walks with my new family.
Baxter Mary Lou my foster mom took such good care of me until I was placed in my new forever home. I love my new mom and dad and they think I am wonderful.
Jayden I need to thank Kathy my foster mom for loving me so much and having faith that a forever family would come along and love me as much as she does. I will never forget you. Love Jayden
Cody I have the best fenced yard to run around in and a new brother named Monte who is my best friend even though he doesn't like to run as much as me. My mom says it is like having 2 year old twins in the house with all our energy but my new mom and dad and 2 legged brother love me.
Lola I am still a little shy but I love watching TV and cuddling with my new sister Maddie. I am glad my new family has so much patience with me and I will love them forever.